Foster High sophomore Madison McEwen has made such a dramatic turnaround in her school attendance and success since the beginning of the school year that the King County Prosecutor awarded her a Certificate of Excellence on June 1. The honor is for her outstanding commitment and dedication to school attendance.

“She has really made a huge improvement,” said Katherine Turner, the district’s Stay In School Coordinator. “She’s on track, and she’s going to start off next year better than ever.”

Beginning in early fall, Madison raised red flags for Ms. Turner when she started becoming chronically absent, missing more than 10 percent of school days. Working with the Truancy Intervention Team at the Prosecutor’s Office, Ms. Turner and Foster counselors and staff were able to re-engage Madison in school by making sure she had a schedule fine-tuned for her success and checking in frequently. It was Madison herself, however, who knuckled down with a new motivation to show up each day and do her best.

Congratulations, Madison, for your perseverance and dedication!

Madison McEwen

Madison McEwen with Stay In School Coordinator Katherine Turner