Hello Bulldog Families and Community,

I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself and tell you how excited I am to join the Foster High School community as your new principal! I am honored and humbled to be welcomed into this fantastic school where so many amazing things are happening to help move our students towards their goals and dreams.

My name is Megan McGroarty and I am entering my 14th year in education this year; I taught English and AVID at John W. North High School for seven years where I was in charge of an intervention program for at-risk 9th grade students, including a significant English Learner population, as well as involved in many school activities as a class advisor, coach and club advisor. I was fortunate enough to be selected as an Assistant Principal at North in 2011 and spent three years in this role overseeing the master schedule, counseling, Title funds, accreditation, AVID and much of the instructional program including English Learners. After being hired as an Assistant Principal at Timberline High School in Lacey, WA, I moved my family up here and have worked overseeing much of what I did at North and adding discipline, overseeing ASB and learning the TPEP process.

My family is of utmost importance to me and I am excited for my daughter and husband to meet the Foster community! My daughter will be five this September and we are looking forward to her hopefully starting kindergarten this fall and continuing to grow in her social, emotional and academic life. She is a spitfire and I’m sure you will see her at many campus events – she was three-weeks-old when she attended her first football game and she is already asking when the first game is! My husband, Ryan and I are college sweethearts and will celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary in late September. As you may have noticed, September is an important (and expensive) month in our family as Ryan’s birthday is also the day before Willow’s. I love that September is such a big deal in our family because it is also an exciting time of year for me professionally as we welcome our students back from their summer vacation and we engage in learning with a rested and renewed energy!

I knew from the beginning of this process that Foster was a special place and that was solidified throughout the research and interview process. I am home and I am excited to be home. As part of my process (and excitement) in interviewing for this position, I put together a Principal’s Entry plan which I will be working to refine over the next several weeks. The purpose of this document is to be open and transparent in my learning and acclimating to a new system. This work is too important to engage in without a plan and without the help of many stakeholders. It is important that you know that my entry plan is not a document that outlines changes to be made, it is a document that outlines how I will get to know the community, students, staff and systems at Foster. I want to get to know you and this is simply a plan to do just that.

My focus for the first part of this school year will be to get to know the people, systems and supports that make up the Foster community and Tukwila School District. I have set dates for community listening events on July 27th and August 2nd from 6-7 p.m. in the PAC, and I invite you to attend so that I can hear from you and learn. As part of the entry plan process I would like to hear from you what is great about this community and what you need from me. I will use the input I receive during these meetings to modify and adjust my entry plan as well as to help in planning the work to be done this year. I will post that plan on the school website sometime in early fall and will regularly update the plan’s progress as we move through the first part of the school year.

Once the school year begins I will be working to create a Principal’s Advisory Committee composed of student leaders and representatives on campus. I will be seeking recommendations and applications for this group. Student voice and participation in decision making is important to me and I will work with this group to establish goals for the school year and to seek to listen and respond to the needs of our students. Look for more information about this group in early fall.

I know this is a lot of information but I wanted to make sure that you know, from the beginning, that I am committed to being open and transparent about my intent and my actions. I thank those of you who were involved in any aspect of the hiring process for helping to ensure that the process was authentic and representative of Foster as a community. During my initial panel interview I asked what the best part of Foster was and without hesitation the answer was, “the kids, our kids are amazing!” I knew I was in the right place when I heard that.

I look forward to serving you and the amazing kids at Foster High School.


Meg McGroarty

Proud Principal, Foster High School