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Curriculum Expo

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Welcome to the curriculum expo!

Foster High School teachers have created videos to introduce themselves and the classes they teach.  Use the names, content, and links to YouTube videos to learn more about your child's teachers. 

Use this links to navigate to the different places on the list of teachers. 

Link to How-To Use Closed Captions in YouTube

mage for How to use and translate the Closed Captions in YouTube
Image for How to use and translate the Closed Captions in YouTube



Building Leaders Contact Information

James Blanton



Clint Long

Assistant Principal


LaTanya Parker

Assistant Principal



Your Child's Teacher Content Link to YouTube Video Other Materials
Lee Baker Culinary Arts  
Grace Baker Math  
Brad Bjorlo Social Studies  


Joe Camacho

Environmental Science 1

Environmental Science 2

Brendan Carpenter Math  
Adrienne Cook LRC 2  
Jessica Crandall English / Theater Link to Syllabus
Kenneth Crawford CTE  
Emily DeJulio English  

Jenni Standard

Jennifer Fichamba

College and Career Readiness

Rick Figel Math  
Andrea Gamboa Social Studies  
Andy Giron Health/PE  
Oisin Gunning Biology and AVID  


Eric Hall

Algebra 1&2



Brian Kluender Spanish  
Katarina Krueger Social Studies  
Khanh Le Chemistry Link to Syllabus
Zachary Lundgren Social Studies  
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Guadalupe Mahoney

ELD Emerging


ELD Beginning

Link to Emerging Syllabus

Link to Beginning Syllabus

Cody Maynor Music  



Hongyan Newton

ELD Intermediate


Content  Literacy

Link to Intermediate Syllabus

Link to Content Literacy Syllabus

Anthony Pascual Social Studies  



Eryn Pate



Life Science Foundations

Science and Society

Julie Polwarth Business Education  
Kevin Pratap Physics  
Tim Renz CTE/Science/Health  
Sean Riley English  
Shay Sarino Visual Arts  
Raiford Schriber Math  
Brian Seigel

Algebra 1 & Algebra 2  
Maggie Shay Library  
Josh Stevenson English  



Carrie Stradley



Multilingual Learners

Link to the Slideshow

Link to Syllabus for ELD Support

Link to Syllabus for EDL 1

Matiah Shaman Manufacturing and Robotics  
Renee Sylvain Algebra, Geometry, and Basic Math  


Kristin Theobald

AP Psychology






Joseph To





Link to Welcome Letter

Plano de estudio

Chamber Singers Syllabus

Piano Syllabus

Millais Tsang Health/PE  
Claudia Van Cleemput French / Spanish  
Lucas Weisbecker Social Studies  
Aron Wilson English  
Jordon Wong Social Studies  








Meet the counseling team




Department Introduction

Counseling Resources for TEENS and Young Adults


Counseling Resources for Adults


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